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No foolin’, Ya’all

September 30, 2009

Shoe: Look. I’m not even putting a shoe for this post because this post is totally all about shoes. Totally.

Here’s the deal. I recently attended this awesome conference and that means I had to be really busy and engaged all day. See fig. 1

Me being really busy and important.

fig. 1

Okay, so by “really busy and engaged all day”, what I really meant to say was “being totally bad ass with my computer.” See fig 2.

fig. 2

fig. 2

Okay, clearly I had to call myself out was doing some work briefly during the conference. (For real, ya’all).

Anyway, back to the shoes. The conference has given me the excuse reason to be on TweetDeck all day to follow the post-conference conversation on Twitter (#GrowSmartBiz).

This evening I was messing around on Twitter because I was doing research on the hashtag for what has become the coolest blog post ever.

While I was on Twitter, I stumbled upon the most ridiculous link to the most ridiculous shoes I’ve ever seen. And that beats the whole ‘Chinese Foot Bondage’ thing that makes me cringe –I’ll spare you by not posting a picture of it, but feel free to look here if you absolutely need to see it for yourself.

So here’s the link to *the most ridiculous shoes I’ve ever seen.*

And here are some highlights from the post:

No comment.

No comment.





No foolin’, Ya’all.

**Also, feel free to check out this pic of  @cardcat (left) @maddiegrant (center) and I [@meganmcq] (right) if you’re in the mood for a laugh.**


Today, I did NOT like College

September 28, 2009

Shoe: cleat. A cleat with lots of SHARP spikes.

Today, I met with a professor to chat about a paper and why I got a not so favorable grade on it. During our meeting he was really pissing me off. I mean who likes hearing about the ways we need to improve?  Didn’t he get the memo that everything I do is perfect and I always deserve A’s and that maybe his other students have to work hard but not me because I’m special? Hmm, so weird. I guess that got lost in the shuffle. Anyway, at one point the conversation literally went like this:

Him: You seem angry. Are you angry at me?

Me: No, not at all (fake smile, this is a complete lie)

Him: Are you sure? Do you want to punch me in the face? Go ahead, Sarah, hit me in the face.

Me: (uncomfortable laugh) That’s okay, I’m really not that angry.

Him: Do it. Come on. I know you want to.

Me: No really, it’s okay.


Weird, right? 


September 24, 2009

I like college. I didn’t used to but here, in sunny California, at a school that well, let’s just say it’s not Harvard…I love it. 

I feel challenged but not overwhelmed. I love that it’s three times the size as my other college (which doesn’t say much. Here it’s only 6000 undergrad). But most of all, I LOVE that I can sit outside in the sunshine all day long. Do my homework outside. Type on my computer outside (the campus is wireless). I love how warm it is in California.

I used to be a normal college student. I had my best friends, I was 18 and a freshman, I took a full course load and partied on the weekends (kind of. I’ve never been a good partier). But for the most part, I did the college deal.  I  lived in a dorm. I went on hikes with the mountain club and rode on the riding team. I said “Hi!” to every other person I saw walking around campus because I knew everyone.

Normal. For small liberal arts schools, that is.

This time though, at Chapman, I am not normal. I am a communter. I live 25 minutes from school. I know about 6 people on this entire campus (though I’m starting to recognize faces) I’m 22 and a senior…

And at first, all this was terrifying. I longed for normalcy–to be in a sorrority, to have a set group of girlfirends, to party the way I thought I should on the weekends…

But slowly, I’m realizing that I like it this way. 

You’re probably wondering: “What’s so great about being an anonymous person and not partying on the weekends and being 22 and still in school?” 

Well, at Chapman I have this new freedom to relax. I don’t know you so I don’t have to stop and chat and small talk.

Here, I don’t care what Joe Shmo did this last weekend when he threw up and made out with blah blah blah blah

I am actually focusing on my schoolwork now. Well, kind of…but more than before. 

For today, school is cool. 

Here’s my Shoe

September 22, 2009

Sarah So. I found a shoe. That was fast. This (left) is what it looks like small.

And this is what it looks like big:


sexy right?

This Is My First Post As Official Co-Author

September 22, 2009

Well ladies and gentleman, I, Sarah Rose (username: sarahroseiscool) am an official co-author of this lovely blog.

Megan and I…we are going to TAKE THIS BLOG TO THE NEXT LEVEL!!!!

Slash, I need to find a 50 x 50 google image of a shoe.


So…who am I? Well, aside from being Megan’s cousin, I’m just, like, a chick…I live in California…and I don’t surf and I don’t have blonde hair or carry around my dog in my purse. But I own one designer bag– does that count?

Cool so this is a good start. It’s going to be a beautiful relationship with you beautiful blog-readers.

Onto finding the perfect shoe!!



(PS I will only blog in pink. Because pink rocks)

I’m Amused: Part 2 (of 2)

September 3, 2009

Shoe: Clown shoe. The best part of this post is that I’m getting back on track with my obsession o’ so me (social media).

So here’s why I’m also amused. Earlier this week I was conducting some research on Facebook for a client. Right after I signed on, I noticed I was logged in to Chat (an integrated instant messaging platform on Facebook). So I move my mouse to sign out and that’s where I saw it.


I’m sorry. I’m having trouble reading that. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?



Dost my eyes deceive me? No. That’s Stephan Pastis, Creator of the most amazing comic known to (wo)mankind.

Also, author of an amusing blog that parallels the comic strip.

All I’m trying to say is, my obsession admiration for Stephan now knows no bounds. And that all should be warned that Facebook privacy settings should be monitored and set to deter stalkers admirers from having potentially immediate contact.

I’m Amused: Part 1 (of 2)

August 27, 2009

clown_shoe copyShoe: Clown shoe. Because to most of us, clowns attempt to be amusing and fail. Thus, I am going to relay my recent run-in with being amused and also fail be amusing. Also, this post is not meant to be scary. So if you’re scared of clowns, rest assured this post does not have anything to do with them.

So the other day I was driving to a client meeting and I was listening to the radio because I have a guilty pleasure of talk radio in the morning wanted to hear the news. During the commercials, I happened to catch a new Bud Light commercial that made me laugh out loud so that people in the cars next to me thought I was crazy I decided to share.

The “Real Men of Genius” commercial series promoting Bud Light are hilarious. The commercials are a faux-inspirational speech, complete with deep baritone narrator and tenor soul singer as back-up vocals that accentuate the mocking narrative.

My favorite motif includes the “cheers” to “Mr. Tee-Shirt-Launcher-Inventor” who will “give you the shirt off [his] back, at 180 feet per second.” He “Makes every section, a nosebleed section. [HIT THE DECK!]”

Okay, I don’t do it justice. Thus, listen to the whole thing below.

This commercial makes me wish Bud Light was a quality beer so I could purchase it to support the production of more “Real Men of Genius” commercials.  Oh well.

Regardless, there are Web sites who have archived several of the commercials I have not heard. It should keep me amused for awhile.