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Fractures, Feet and Crocks, Oh my!

July 21, 2009


Shoe: Crocks

Recently, I broke my foot.

sesamoidNo, really. I broke my foot. Actually, it happened a few months ago. I fractured my foot wearing cute shoes. Ironic? Perhaps. I thought that it was a sign to start blogging here. I mean, what a great first post topic. Feet.

So here’s the story: I fractured my foot over time wearing unsupported heals and flats. Ouch. I play a lot of volleyball and go to the gym (and continued to wear said shoes deemed ‘unsupported’ by my orthopedic doctor), and the fractures continued to grow. More ouch.

Finally, I went in to see the doctor for my elbow (hyperextension injury), and mentioned that I’ve had persistent discomfort in my foot. While the x-ray of my elbow showed no obvious impediment (duh, hyperextensions are muscle and tendon problems), the x-ray of my foot resulted in the doctor alerting me that I had “sesamoiditis.”

I laughed.

I mean, I found it funny that I’ve been walking around in gorgeous 4-inch wedges with a broken foot for the past few months.

Moral of the story is, I now have to wear crocks or very comfortable walking shoes to help heal the injury, or I will have to get cortisone shots and wear a boot (not particularly fashionable).

Perhaps the real moral is that we’re going to encounter broken feet (insert potentially cheesy metaphor here) throughout our worklife. The question is: how will we overcome them?

image via YepYep and image via Ohio Health


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