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Major League Baseball Tryouts

July 22, 2009

cleatsShoe: Cleats

Over the weekend, I ran into a friend of mine, Noah (disclaimer: my sister’s friend).While we were catching up, he told me about his recent try-outs for Major League Baseball.

No shit, ya’all.

He didn’t make the team. But he has always been an avid baseball fan (He’d be my first pick for baseball trivia any day), and I’m quite impressed that he tried out for the team. He had to get up at 4:45 to get to the tryouts on time. He was competing against 150-200 other people on the field when the team was only looking to fill a limited number of slots. I can’t imagine how nervous I would have been. But, he was telling me about the experience on a real field–looking into the stands and completing the tryouts (which, apparently, took about 1 minute out of the 4 hours he was there).baseball_diamond

To make a cheesy comparison, the conversation we had made me think about my decision to pursue independent social media consulting. It seemed like an easy decision to me. So far, it’s been a tremendous amount of work. And, so far, I have encountered some barriers. But I’m happy with what I’m doing.  I’m passionate about the field, I care about making sure I’m as current in the field as possible, and I want to exceed expectations when it comes to all of my client work.I like meeting with people, I like having to do the accounting and marketing on my end as well as for the clients with whom I am working.

I would have been more disappointed with myself had I chosen not to pursue this venture. I think Noah would think the same about his. And, I didn’t pursue this venture for any other reason than attaining a higher level of happiness and pursuing my goals. For me, it’s about going passionately in the direction of my dreams (cue inspirational music here). Moving away from the norm to make my own way. In the words of Babe Ruth himself, “Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.”

And sometimes, we don’t make the team. Sometimes, we don’t sign the clients to whom we pitch. But in the end, it’s always been worth it to me. I would rather have tried than not. I would have failed miraculously than failed myself by not following my passions. I would have rather played on that field than walked away.

To me, he made the team.

Image via Kaboodle and Baseball Field Design

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