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Google: *Thee* Social Network

July 31, 2009

weird_shoe First let me say that this shoe will now represent all of the times I’m writing about a subject that I’m confused about. That is because this shoe literally has a Gameboy in it. It also has a Pokemon in it. I think that’s all of the explanation you need in order for me to begin this next post.

So here’s the deal.Whenever I find a social media topic interesting, I like to conduct a fair amount of research on it before I begin a post so that I sound like I know what I’m talking about.  A few weeks ago, I noticed how many blog posts I had been reading about Google. Thus, I decided that it was time for me to understand more about Google’s capabilities.

Here’s the reason. I’m a Google child at heart. I’ve been on Gmail and Gchat since the time when you needed an invite to join (aka ancient Mesopotamia times).  I’ve noticed that there are so many more capabilities of Google that I probably don’t use but should. I mean, Google is a translator, a search engine, a navigator, an operating system, an Internet browser, a television, etc.

Google. When I joined. We communicated with hieroglyphics. No foolin'.

Google. When I joined. We communicated with hieroglyphics. No foolin'.

Ultimately, the reason why I wanted to begin this blog post was because Google is a social network. It’s the all-in-one. The creme-de-la-creme of social networking.

It’s like an iPhone commercial for applications, except for Google: Need a translator? There’s a Google for that. Need an email? There’s a Google for that…I’m already sick of the commercials and they don’t even exist (yet).

Point being is, Google is a social network, so I wanted to demystify it for my clients on my company blog.  And, I’ve been working on this blog post for awhile now. The problem is that Google is so large, every time I try to understand it all, it becomes more overwhelming. Luckly I’ve found a few great resources to help me out.

However, I’ve decided to narrow my post to the forthcoming Google Wave. I hope that I can secure an invite when it’s first released in September.

Image via For Ladies by Ladies

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