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September 24, 2009

I like college. I didn’t used to but here, in sunny California, at a school that well, let’s just say it’s not Harvard…I love it. 

I feel challenged but not overwhelmed. I love that it’s three times the size as my other college (which doesn’t say much. Here it’s only 6000 undergrad). But most of all, I LOVE that I can sit outside in the sunshine all day long. Do my homework outside. Type on my computer outside (the campus is wireless). I love how warm it is in California.

I used to be a normal college student. I had my best friends, I was 18 and a freshman, I took a full course load and partied on the weekends (kind of. I’ve never been a good partier). But for the most part, I did the college deal.  I  lived in a dorm. I went on hikes with the mountain club and rode on the riding team. I said “Hi!” to every other person I saw walking around campus because I knew everyone.

Normal. For small liberal arts schools, that is.

This time though, at Chapman, I am not normal. I am a communter. I live 25 minutes from school. I know about 6 people on this entire campus (though I’m starting to recognize faces) I’m 22 and a senior…

And at first, all this was terrifying. I longed for normalcy–to be in a sorrority, to have a set group of girlfirends, to party the way I thought I should on the weekends…

But slowly, I’m realizing that I like it this way. 

You’re probably wondering: “What’s so great about being an anonymous person and not partying on the weekends and being 22 and still in school?” 

Well, at Chapman I have this new freedom to relax. I don’t know you so I don’t have to stop and chat and small talk.

Here, I don’t care what Joe Shmo did this last weekend when he threw up and made out with blah blah blah blah

I am actually focusing on my schoolwork now. Well, kind of…but more than before. 

For today, school is cool. 

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