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No foolin’, Ya’all

September 30, 2009

Shoe: Look. I’m not even putting a shoe for this post because this post is totally all about shoes. Totally.

Here’s the deal. I recently attended this awesome conference and that means I had to be really busy and engaged all day. See fig. 1

Me being really busy and important.

fig. 1

Okay, so by “really busy and engaged all day”, what I really meant to say was “being totally bad ass with my computer.” See fig 2.

fig. 2

fig. 2

Okay, clearly I had to call myself out was doing some work briefly during the conference. (For real, ya’all).

Anyway, back to the shoes. The conference has given me the excuse reason to be on TweetDeck all day to follow the post-conference conversation on Twitter (#GrowSmartBiz).

This evening I was messing around on Twitter because I was doing research on the hashtag for what has become the coolest blog post ever.

While I was on Twitter, I stumbled upon the most ridiculous link to the most ridiculous shoes I’ve ever seen. And that beats the whole ‘Chinese Foot Bondage’ thing that makes me cringe –I’ll spare you by not posting a picture of it, but feel free to look here if you absolutely need to see it for yourself.

So here’s the link to *the most ridiculous shoes I’ve ever seen.*

And here are some highlights from the post:

No comment.

No comment.





No foolin’, Ya’all.

**Also, feel free to check out this pic of  @cardcat (left) @maddiegrant (center) and I [@meganmcq] (right) if you’re in the mood for a laugh.**

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